About us

About us

We are very grateful having an opportunity to offer our service and products. They are based on more than 10 years of working experience in the industrial production of wooden products and their export abroad in the shortest terms and the best quality. We hope that our knowledge and ideas will solve your problems and will be helpful in your business. Reasonable prices and obliging staff will create the most attractive ideas of collaboration.

Joint-stock company “Metrada” is located in Šiauliai. The company has been working in the fields of wood cutting, processing and its trade since 1998.

At the moment our company is specializing in the production and trade of cut wooden packages – pallets, packaging-boxes and their elements. After combining all these fields of activities, we must say, that JSC “Metrada” occupies a considerable part of the wooden package market in its region. The main export countries of the company’s production are: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.

Our main products are: nailed and half-nailed package products, i.e. special non-standard cargo trays, their parts and blanks – double-cut pallet boards and bars. A part of pallet boards are chipped and milled.

We are exporting 1500-2000 m3 wooden blanks and products a month.

Metrada, JSC
Company code: 145416634
VAT code: LT 454166314
J.Basanaviciaus 101B,
LT-76129 Siauliai, Lithuania

AB SWEDBANK, BIC: HABALT22, IBAN: LT 23 7300 0100 9115 7817