Pallet Collar

Pallet collar

Pallet collar is made of coniferous wood. It could be made of hardwood also –asp. The moisture content of used wood is 18-20 %. We use metal galvanized hinges for the edging of these trays. The thickness of the hinges – 1,25 mm, 1,50 mm, 1,70 mm. The sizes of the edgings: 600x800 mm. 80x1200 mm, 1000x1200 mm.

We could:
• Make the tray edgings of different sizes;
• The products are heated according to ISMP-15 standard;
• The edgings are made of bends 1,25 or 1,5 or 2,00 mm thick;
• The orders are fulfilled in 1-2 weeks;
• Dispatch to any European country or any other continent;
• The edgings of pallets are packed according to the client’s need – 100, 105, 110, 120 units in a pack;
• Standard edgings of the pallets: 600x800, 800x1200, 1000x1200.

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