The pellets are made of sawdust, shavings and slivers of unbarked wood, which are further milled, dried and formed into cylinder pieces. While making pellets, any chemical additives or glue are not used. They are made 100 percent of wood.

The advantages of the products are the following:
• Could be used in boiler-houses and private houses;
• Long period of burning;
• High energetic value;
• Little ash;
• Easy to use;
• Need little space to store;
• Could be used as the pets’ litter;
• Easy to transport.

The products are packed in 25 kg (small bag) and 1000 kg (big bag) packs. The packs are piled on the palettes and wrapped with plastic.

Sawdust briquettes

The briquettes of hardwood sawdust are made of mixed hardwood sawdust. The content depends on the used sawdust. The most briquettes of sawdust contain birch sawdust which is used for other products a lot. The sawdust briquettes have the form of bricks.

• Sizes: 65x90x150 mm
• Burning heat: 17950 kj/kg
• Moisture: 6-8%
• Amount of ash: 0.34%

Package: 10 kg plastic bags, the amount of blocks in a pack – 12 units
Pallet: 1-960 kg.


The firewood is made of ash tree, oak or birch. It is 30/33 cm length, dried or fresh, packed in 1 t containers. The sizes of container are 1200x950x2000 mm - about 2 m3. The minimum amount is 24 t.
We could pack the firewood in the containers and packs of other size, according to the client’s order.

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